Like sand through the hourglass

I really can’t believe how quickly time can slip by. Moved in to Palazzo Mio just over a month ago, and it is wonderful to be opening boxes and rediscovering dearly loved treasures. Way, way, WAY too many books though, none of which I’m likely to read again – don’t know what possessed me to bring them all, especially as Italians don’t do charity shops, the traditional resting place of many a dog eared paperback.

Some days there’s lots to do – buying outdoor furniture, lunching, meeting friends, more lunching – but other days seem like mercury, silkily slipping through my fingers without much happening. What has surprised me is how much of a readjustment it has taken to get used to this new lifestyle. At first I would wake up in a sweat, wondering why the alarm wasn’t screeching at me and I wasn’t jumping in the car and rushing off to work, but that’s now faded. What does get me in a spin these days is trying to achieve just one useful thing a day!


But on the whole life here in Abruzzo is a delight. The locals are very welcoming and accommodating, even when I inflict my Italian on them. Last week two neighbours came by with a plate of scrumptious walnut filled pastries, followed by another neighbour, who gave me some fresh eggs. A couple of his hens even escaped their coop to come and say hello. Even though it’s a large village, everyone here knows who I am – the Abruzzo grapevine works faster than any intelligence service – and they recognise the car and wave when I go by. The postman even stopped me in the street the other day to hand over some post.

And it’s the housewarming in a few weeks, with everyone I know (and a few I don’t) coming along to a British street party. Not sure what the local guests will make of sausage rolls and fairy cakes!


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